Mother's day : sweet gifts ideas that you will really like

Posted by Sonia Greig

Mother's day is the occasion to say "I love you" to your mum and make her day sweet and easy. You can also do that all year long, but it's not always possible when you are abroad, working, with kids to taxi drive, dogs to walk, leaking aircon to fix, Coco Pops to get... and shoes to buy ( just joking for the shoes, not that often! Yeah ?).

You can say it with words, flowers, chocolates, bottle of champagne, perfume, jewels, restaurant invitation, spa treatments, staycation, scarf, and more...

At lemongrass & Aubergine, we love our Mummy and/or are mummies too, so we listed what we wanted to receive this year and funnily, there's no little handmade pasta or shell necklaces, or even the famous "camembert embellished jewelry box (French moms will understand)... ok except if any of those items come from Hermes, Tiffany, or Pomellato !!

So here is our wish list : hello hubbies and kids (with pocket money not already spent in the latest PS4 game), please read this . 

For the Sporty Mum : Makaron Gym bag S$ 158 - Makaron Big Pouch S$85 - Makaron Make up Pouch S$ 54 - Foutah towel large S$ 50 - Foutah hand towel S$ 28 - Lafco Soap lime gardenia S$ 22 - Lafco body wash lime gardenia S$ 44 - Lafco body lotion lime gardenia S$ 51 .

For the Cooking Mum : Apron Singapore Lemongrass & Aubergine S$ 52 - & Klevering large tray Marble S$ 24 =- Expresso cups Sabre S$ 16 each - Acrylic cake server S$ 28 and cake knife S$ 40 both Sabre -Moka spoons printed Sabre S$ 22 each -Glass cup S$ 20 each - Carage olive oil 1 liter S$ 78 - Carafe olive oil 50 cl S$ 58 - Salt grinder XL S$ 20 - 5 baies salt grinder S$ 22.

For the Outgoing Mum : Clutch Makaron S$ 88 - Silk pareo / scarf S$ 105 - Pompons Necklaces from S$ 35 - Silver bracelets from S$ 45 - Duchess Peony Candle Lafco S$ 110 - Duchess Peony Soap Lafco S$ 36 - Champagne glasses S$ 16 - Lacquer Necklaces Darsala S$ 390 - Stone necklaces from Baraca S$ 55.


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